"Touching the Soul" ........... Mini movie

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Here's a wonderful video produced by Trinity called "Touching the Soul" capturing an essence of Openhand course work. What if you truly let go? Where is it going to take you? What are you going to find? What if - you touched something far more profound than you've ever known? What if - you found You?

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What an amazing video diary you've produced Trinity! It just grabs my soul by the hands, and takes it dancing on a merry journey of joy. If I didn't already know it, I'd guess you were inspired by angels!

Open :love:

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You capture the essence of the week so beautifully Trinity!

The narration is fantastic and the feelings it invokes simply beautiful!

Being true to the soul is the most important things in my life, in that way, no matter what happens in the external world I know I have the strength and courage to be truly me, no matter what!

We then see that the outer circumstances and events that happen in our lives are gifts - that help us to grow and evolve into more of who we truly are - there can be no 'negative' experiences as we become thankful for everything and everyone that has played a part in helping us reach a deeper knowing of our own true nature.

The video captures the true meaning of what it means to let go and surrender...through this and with profound self honesty we step into our power and bring our light to the world.

To me there is nothing more worthwhile.

Thank you all for being a part of my life with the support and guidance you offer. Im filled with gratitude.

Much Love to everyone

Harmony :)


What a beautiful creation! I loved the narration too. The film stirs such wonderful memories of the week we had together, seeing all those beautiful souls again, mmmm, such a joy! And those woods and waterfalls - beyond words! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Lesley x

Is it something regular now? Leaving me speechless and crying?

Thank you so much for this video!!!
Thank you!!!!!

For this feeling I have now that can't be put into words.

How can the words expansion, waves of love and warmth through all my being and the ache of the heart-opening and loving all really describe what I feel?

How can I explain what this heat in my belly feels like?

How can I exactly put the feeling when I see Her there all around? when she is playing her music too there 1.30-1.47 (can you see it?) and what I feel when I see these people...

And again this crying, that the mind doesn't understand, just my heart is broken again, and I am endlessly grateful for this, and for the words of inspiration, and for all the the waves coming from this video...

Love to you all,

So beautiful, watching this it brings it all back, the laughter, the tears, the joy, a truly special time.
I feel blessed to have been a part of it and to have shared it with you all.
Even though you make only a small appearance Trinity, your light shines through a wonderful production.

with love

What a beautiful, touching little film.

Just seeing all those faces again in that idyllic place and remembering what we experienced together was a very emotional experience for me. We went so deep and flew so high and we risked and trusted and opened our hearts.

Although our week is over and we've all dispersed far and wide back to our matrix lives, the appointment to meet that we all kept in Wales, has, I believe, forged a special connection that will always remain in tact in our memories and our hearts, somewhere outside time.

with much, much love to each and every one of you wherever you are and whatever you're doing, from my soul to yours.


Thanks for sharing , great video trinity , my heart sings to witness such beautiful beings, being enough. love and blessings to all of you matt xx

Just gorgeous Trinity – thank you. You’ve captured the magic and the joy of the place, the time and the people. Love to all, Becky x

Thank you, Trinity, for this tender and touching reminder of our week at Cae Mabon.

With much love,