"You are Enough" ........... Mini movie

Submitted by Trinity on Sat, 12/10/2011 - 07:22

Imagine there's no need to be anything, or anyone more than you can be right now. Imagine that there’s no judgement of anything you’ve ever done. No blame for falling short of anyone else’s expectations. Every moment is an opportunity to accept ourselves, exactly as we are, and to allow the consciousness of unconditional love to flow through our whole being...

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Hi Trinity

Great to see this wonderful video restored to the site. Say it loud: I AM ENOUGH!

Becky x

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Dear Trin,
I am so surprised there are only this many comments here... I keep revisiting this film of yours, it always fills me with happiness... one of my favourites form you!

Today I was working on a piece of writing of mine about self-acceptance, and was reminded of this one again...

And I wanted to share this little song with you, which to me talks about pretty much the same...

Hope you'll like it!
Love from my heart

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Thank you Reka.
I am really really touched by your words and resonance with the video (and for expressing that). If I know that it touches another soul, it makes it so much more inviting to share :innocent:

Thank you for the beautiful song. Beautiful!
with Love

I felt a deep connection to this video. I look at my life now and I dont feel I can be myself. My ego is holding me back. All I want to do is live in nature and live for nature, planting trees to save the earth, spreading awareness about spirituality and holistic health. I am living within the heart of the density with my feance. He is a tough cookie and he seems complety consumed by his ego and being "normal". The more I awaken the more sensitive I get to the normality of everyday life, driving cars, going to the shops, going to work, going to family dinners, having the lights on at night. I dont want to be "normal" i want to freely live my life wherever my soul may take me. I have no friends and dont know anyone who shares the same outlook on life. How can I break free and take that first step towards my dream?

With love,

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Hi Jess,

I just saw your post and this may not be a complete answer to what you are asking...but I felt to ask you how are you expressing this yearning you expressed above to "live in nature and live for nature, planting trees to save the earth, spreading awareness about spirituality and holistic health"? Maybe you are planting trees and tending a small garden or delving more deeply into the practices and foods etc that speak to you now. If so, perhaps you are touching on a feeling inside - what is that like? So I guess I would ask, how can you continue to fan this flame, fan this feeling through how you are living, being, expressing right now, right where you are? Not to save the planet or to change anything necessarily, but to align with who you are and be that...through that beingness, change happens.

Much love,

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Hello Jen,

To answer your first question is quite difficult because I am only beginning to discover my emotions and how to explain them.

My whole life up until meeting my fiance, I didnt listen and understand emotions, I rejected them and feared them. I didnt care about anything and hated my life and myself. I would fear all and I became very distant from relationships even with family. I felt like a ghost, no friends, little communication and no care or motivation. I became conditioned to the fear of myself, my emotions and felt like everyone was out to get me. I just cant quite grasp how I feel towards nature and its connection to our health and reality. So often it brings me to tears seeing the people I love and the earth I adore deteriorate. This is why I think its unconditional love I am feeling. I think all I needed was to be asked the right question. Thank you Jen you have profoundly helped me discover more about myself.

With love,